On the road

Carl Johan Cronstedt’s sketchbooks and noteboo...

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The application forms arrived at their destination and after a couple of phone calls with the friendly staff, I am now registered on the OCA Level 1 course Textiles 1: A Creative Approach and eagerly awaiting my course materials, due to arrive next Tuesday.  I am a little bit anxious but also very excited to see what will be in the parcel. 

I have been watching the OCA Elements videos by Eileen Adams of the Campaign for Drawing on the importance of drawing and keeping sketchbooks.  http://www.oca-elements.com/topics/Textiles  The phrase “marks that have meaning” stood out particularly to me as meaning drawing for communication.  Also, not to try to produce a finished presentable book as a work of art in itself and to remember the sketchbook is another tool to aid the artist in learning from and building on his experiements rather than a never-ending record of jottings.

Now I need to go out and buy a sketchbook …


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