Brunel Broderers


I went to an exhibition in Frome today at the Silk Mill Studios.  The Brunel Broderers are a group of textile artists based in the Bristol/Bath area celebrating “21 years of making a mark in stitch.”   The exhibition entitled “Curioser …?” definitely reflected the theme of Alice in Wonderland and was full of exciting techniques and visual and tactile stimulus.  I was especially interested to view some of the sketch/sample books after yesterday’s OCA elements video watching session.

I loved the recycled knitting yarn (or “plarn”) made from plastic and foil food packets cut into narrow strips, folded, stitched and knitted and the accompanying “paper” coffee cups that had also been stripped to reveal the hidden plastic layer beneath.  Recycling and environmental issues are high on my agenda these days and this artist was obviously passionate about the effects that man’s consumption was having on nature and the earth’s resources.

Alison Harper

Jan Connett                                                Carla Mines

There were indigo dyed African cotton strip cloths, a glimpse into Barbie’s wardrobe commenting on women’s pursuit of the “body beautiful”.  Another wardrobe was full of mirrors and a willow tree and we were encouraged to stand inside and see our reflections stretch into infiniy.  There were origami birds and handpainted kimonos, patchworks, quilting, wonderful applique and lots of experimentation with resist dying.  A lot to take in and be inspired by.  See photos of the exhibition on the Brunel Broders blog here.


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