Building up steam


Today I am reading the course materials properly to make a start on my studies.  This has been delayed slightly by making the journey across country from Somerset to Kent to take our eldest to start university himself.  

Mondays are my day off work and so I hope to make them my study day.  I am a little anxious about working out how to organise my time but I am hoping that by reading through the course I will be able to see the bigger picture and then be able to break it down into workable chunks.

My other worry is that I am not skilled as an artist, but I can see that there is a lot here about developing useful skills in sketching and using colour.  I am not sure at this stage what type of sketch book to keep although I have a small one in my handbag and have started with a small sketch of what I could see whilst waiting for the school bus to arrive!  It’s not very well executed because I could only find a ballpoint pen but it’s a start.

I remember from my original college studies that it was easy to stick a lot of bits of fabric and magazine cuttings into a scrapbook but it took more thought to note down what might become useful at a later stage.


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