Cracking on


My daughter and I spent an enjoyable evening the day before yesterday experimenting with acrylic and watercolour paints.  She has just started her A Level Fine Art course and suggested I try some messy stuff to help me relax a bit and not be anxious about the design exercises.  She compiled a list of words: smooth, scratchy, splatter, etc. and I responded to these using brushes, paint and my fingers and managed to mostly cover a sheet of A3 with my efforts.  [photo to come]

Then last night I commenced Project 1, Exercise 1 and found I was being asked to do something very similar with a variety of pencils.  This was great because I think I would have been much more concerned about “not getting it right” if I hadn’t had my preparation session the previous evening.  I managed to cover 2 sheets of A3 and another 2 for Exercise 2 and enjoyed experimenting with some pencils I found in (now sadly deceased) father-in-law’s art bag that had been reserved for my daughter mainly.  I like the charcoal pencil and also I found a pure graphite pencil (the label mentions Czechoslovakia …) which makes shading easier, except when you drop it on the floor and the end breaks off !  [more photos]


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