Curioser …


Today I went back to take another, closer look at the Brunel Broderers exhibition in Frome.  I took my two artist daughters, one beginning GCSE art and one A Level Fine Art, and they helped me make a more in depth study of some of the exhibits.

The title of the exhibition is “Curioser …”.  “Observation, reflection, fragility, delicate, ephemera, reinventing, mending, frayed, ripped, edge, intersection, junction, red, black, white, journey, doorway, sashiko, rhythm, discovering, tears – 21 words to celebrate 21 years of making a mark in stitch.”  (Taken from the Brunel Broderers website.)  The artists work showed inspiration from different ways of looking, through windows and doorways, at details, at the bigger picture.  The exhibition space is a former silk mill weaving shed, part of a regional arts initiative in the centre of Frome.  Frome and the surrounding area has a history of woollen cloth production so it is good to see a former industrial building being used to showcase contemporary work from local artisans.  The building has been whitewashed inside and features a pitched roof with a central glazed panel so that there is plenty of natural light.  The exhibits were displayed according to how they would be viewed best, some on the walls, some hanging centrally from the roof or “growing from the floor, on podia or self-supporting.  One or two of the exhibits used features of the building, such as a circular niche in the brickwork and a honeycombe ventilation grille, to enhance the display.  The exhibits were all labelled with the artists name and a description of the item or the inspiration behind it.  I found many of the pieces provoked a lot of discussion, especially the ones with an environmental angle.  It was good to go along with other people to share ideas and I found lots to inspire me for my own work.  I think my daughters enjoyed it immensely too.


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