Drawn to Stitch


I have started reading Drawn to Stitch – Gwen Hedley.  This is a great book, full of fantastic images of mark making and techniques to promote ideas for stitching.

I also sketched a little, but I was in the office and it was difficult to find viewpoints that I wanted to reproduce.  I was trying to do detailed work, but perhaps I should have had a go at something less obvious, less laboured, a wider viewpoint.   I did like the effect of the rollerball pen to visualize the wires on the notebook but I perhaps that would have been better with a wider fibre-tip pen.

Reading about changing the surface of papers gave me some ideas about experimenting with distressing papers by crushing and rubbing.  I want to see what happens when you soak it in water for a while and then crumple it up, flatten it out and leave it to dry and also twist it up and perhaps ply it and the leave it to dry.  Lloyd loom furniture is made from paper twisted around a wire core which is why it ages in that way that makes it so attractive – worn/used.



[photo coming]


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