Using marks to create surface textures


I have had a bit of a lull in my studies, but I felt I ought to log my time spent on research into mark making by other artists. The course materials suggest looking at artists such as Picasso and van Gogh.  Straight away, googling Picasso lead me to the term sgraffito, the technique of using some kind of tool (sticks or fingernails are common) to scratch away at the top surface of a painting to reveal the surface below.  I had a go at this myself with some acrylic paint used thickly on paper (I used some plain white and some coloured) and enjoyed using sticks and a plastic scourer to get some interesting effects.

     Black acrylic paint over blue on plain white paper and scraped with a twig.    Undilute acrylic paint on brown paper.  I used my finger to make the swirls and when dry I rubbed on some gilt wax – I really like the whole effect on this one.  Thick acrylic paint on brown paper which has been coloured red on the front side and scraped with a toothbrush (left) and the blunt end of a kebab stick.


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