Stage 3 Using marks to create surface textures – Exercise 1


This is a photograph that my younger daughter took of Viking Beach at Broadstairs in Kent.  I like it beause there is a contrast between the flat surface of the beach and the lively foam of the wave.

I tried to reproduce it using watercolour on damp paper and then some white acrylic to get the foam.

I tried again with some wax crayons and tried to do a wash over the top, hoping the texture would show through but it didn’t work too well and I think the blue paper wasn’t helping.

This is another of my daughter’s photographs and this one I love because of the shapes of the pebbles and the mirror effect of the water in the centre.

I sketched this using wax crayons and oil pastels, quickly to try and get a sense of the shapes.

The two images above I achieved using watercolour and my fingers to reproduce the rounded pebble shapes

In the image above I used bubble wrap to print the pebble shapes and a sponge to colour the green and white parts.

I found this postcard of some worn old wooden tools at a bring and buy sale and was inspired by the shapes and the texture of the wood grain.

I like the result of this image using oil pastels on the inside of a brown envelope.


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