Stage 4 Working from your sketchbooks


I love the way this experiment with acrylic on brown paper seems so rich and reminds me of expensive furnishing fabric.

First of all I did some pencil sketches, the first one is unintentionally reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s signature rose design.

  Mackintosh Rose and Tear Drop fabric 1923

Then I did a chalk version which has nice colours, but not enough texture for my liking.

In this image I printed the background using some corrugated cardboard with the top layer stripped off.  Then applied more acrylic colour with a broad, straight-edged brush and finished with a gold pen.  I love this image.  It probably appeals to the fabricky part of my brain.  Again, it looks like an upholstery fabric already.

I made this image by rubbing over old buttons with wax crayons.

Then I did some sketches from different areas of the original image.  I was happier with the overall effect of the original image though,

so I reproducedit using collaged magazine cut-outs.  I really like the effect this gives and I can see the potential for further development work.

I enjoyed having a scribble with some charcoal I found in Grandpa’s old art case on some heavily textured watercolour paper.

I found this produced some very fruity sketches, more development opportunity here too.

This was a rubbing I did of the seat of a Bentwood chair using wax crayon over a watercolour wash.  I embellished it with a little gilt wax and love the fleur de lys design.

I develop the chair rubbing here and I am very pleased with the image top right.  I used acrylic again and a broad brush and just did a free interpretation of the shapes.  I think the bold colours work well and the outlines I did with the fat end of a chopstick just bring it alive.


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