Work gets in the way


I am now enjoying getting into the sewing part of the course.  I found some ziplock bags (thanks to another deceased relative of my husband/fellow hoarder) and have made a good collection of yarns, threads, buttons, ribbon and lace and have done some samples on the machine and some by hand.  I need a good way of mounting or displaying them in my workbooks.

Progress is slow because I have taken on a bit more paid work to help with the Christmas excesses and so I have less time to spare.  Mum-taxi duties for after-school and weekend rehearsals and performances are also eating into what little time I have for my studies.  But I am hoping to work in a session with my needle here and there whilst I visit friends during the interval between journeys – easier on my wallet too.  If I venture into Bath during the Christmas Market all my hard-earned pennies will be blown away in an instant!

At the same time as finding paid work is getting in the way of my fun, I have begun to nurture the seeds of a business idea which might help me make the move away from being an employee and becoming self-employed – one of my longer term goals.  I have signed up for an Etsy store and, spurred on by my friend Virginia who has been running her own creative business for more than a year now, I intend to push hard to achieve my goal.

It has been a long day, but there don’t seem to be enough hours in it to get everything done.  I am tired enough for my eyelids to need propping open so I will have to submit this time.  Onwards and upwards.


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