Project 2 Developing Your Marks – Stage 2 Exploring lines and marks through stitch techniques


This area of study is one of those where the more you explore, the more you find to do.

I experimented by stitching both by hand and using the machine.  I began in the middle for some reason.  I consistently find I am only able to absorb the instructions given in each stage by reading over and over again.   I must try to overcome this somehow, but it means that I start working and then find I have not achieved what was asked for and have to go back and concentrate harder to extract the required information.  I get there in the end (hopefully) but it is not a time efficient way to work.

Hand stitching lines, curves and variations:

I enjoyed experimenting with stitching in a variety of threads on different weights of fabric but got a bit bogged down here and there.  I didn’t always have the right needle or I felt here and there that I was being a bit too regimented with my stitches.  It is too easy to follow the lines already in the fabric!  I must learn to relax more and let my needle flow …

Machine stitching lines:

I had a lot of fun with machine embroidery and I found I went off at a bit of a tangent and produced more samples which will appear in later posts.


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