Project 2 Developing Your Marks – Stage 3 A sample


For this sample I went back to my previous mark making samples and found this image (or group of images) that I produced using wax resist:

I had fun copying, cutting and sticking and came up with a patchwork effect that I think I will be developing again and again:

I focused in on certain areas and found one that seemed to have a variety of lines.  I produced one simple sample using hand embroidery and another using the machine.

In this hand stitched sample I have used couching for the orange lines.  I wanted to show a thicker line and the fabric was too densely woven to stitch with the tapestry wool.  The larger shapes were outlined in embroidery cotton and the centre is filled with applied silver fabric.  A good contrast of colours and textures.

It is interesting here that although I have restricted myself to using the one type of thread, a standard machine thickness, I was still able to show different thicknesses of line and shading with the use of colour and density of stitching.  Also the technique of filling an outlined box shape gave definition to an area, making it appear to be a thicker line.


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