Project 3 Colour – Stage 1 Introduction & Preparation



I produced my first colour circle using oil pastels in 3 colours.  It was interesting to experiment with mixing the colour in that medium and I was surprised how well it worked.

The next colour circle I made was using gouache watercolour in 6 colours.  I’m not sure I had the correct colours to get an accurate mix but the overall effect works for me.

What a difference the lighting makes when you are taking the photos.  I took another one of this where there was more direct sunlight and I got a much warmer effect:


I really enjoyed the work I have done so far with the oil pastels and so I produced two scales of tone, one using red in the centre and one using green.  I have done similar work with watercolours before and so I found this experimenting with how you can grade the colour with the pastels very constructive.  If you put the black down first you obviously have to work much harder to make the colour show up but if you put the colour down first sometimes it is more difficult to give an even impression of colour.  I like the way that in the photograph the marks look better than my observation close up at my bench.  Also I see how this could be used to convey impressionist style marks, more so than other media I have used so far.

Here I have tried to mix complementary colours to convey saturation, blue to orange (I need some more pastel colours as these weren’t true enough for my liking) and violet to yellow.  You can see how the colours go through their “muddy” brown phase in the middle and then brighten up twoards each end.

This exercise tickled me slightly since, so far, it is the only work I have done that I remember also doing in my previous textile diploma course.  I almost did not produce the colour wheel especially, since my initial thoughts were, oh – I’ve done this before, not much point doing it again.  But using an alternative medium taught me mixing colour isn’t just about the actual pigment, it is also about how you put it down on paper and the qualities of the paper itself.   Also, even if I know I have attempted an exercise previously it doesn’t matter how long ago it was, I will always learn something new and I must remember that!


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