Project 3 Colour – Stage 3 Recording colours accurately


Exercise 1 – Experimenting with mixing colour using different paints.

Here I used undilute acrylic paint and started with crimson red.  I mixed this with Titanium white to get the paler tones.  Then I used the pale pink and started adding black going from right to left which produced some really nice pink toned grays and then just darker grays.  On the next line I started adding more red again which brought the dark gray back up to some nice warm dark reds.  On the last line I had a play with what was left in my palette mixing pinks and grays.

This sample was made using acrylics again.  The first line diluting medium yellow.  The next line starting with a crimson red with a little medium yellow and diluting again.  The last two lines I made some good warm colours by mixing the remainders in my palette with grey, with some more diluted.

I didn’t have enough variety of colours in the acrylic paint to do much more so I moved to gouache watercolour for the next sample.  I tried not to add too much water, starting with Cerulean blue and adding black.  I like the teal colours that were produced.  On the next line I started with orange and added cerulean, complimentary colours.  This gave a surprising variety of strong greens.  On the next line I started with Cerulean again and this time added a grey.  Then on the last line, starting again with Cerulean I diluted and added a bit of white which gave some nice paler, almost gray-blues.

Exercise 2 – Starting with a brightly coloured fabric

I found some old printed cotton.  It might be an Indian fabric.  I love the combination of warm red and turquoise in this print.  I used gouache watercolour to reproduce the colours.  Unfortunately I could not find a good brush, so the edges were not entirely tidy.

Exercise 3 – Starting with a coloured image

I found a greetings card which is a photograph of a crewel work textile showing birds on a branch and focused in on the body of one of the birds.  I seem to be drawn to the combination of red greeny-blue, although in this image the red is more pinky and there is more gold-yellow.

In recording the colours I used gouache watercolour and had to have a couple of goes to get the pink-red right.  This was a prime example of where colours changed in appearance according to what colour is next to them.  The narrow stripes made it quite tricky to get an accurate representation.

Exercise 4 – Starting with colured objects on coloured paper

The small embroidery scissors seem to have quite a few different versions of the mauve colour in the handle.  Also the metal blades were ground at an angle and therefore showed different tones of gray.

I used watercolour again.  I think I did quite well with the pink mauve and grays but not so well with the yellow background.


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