Project 3 Colour – Stage 4 Colour moods and themes – Exercise 1


I am having a lot of difficulty with this Project and it has taken a long time for me to get motivated to move on to the next part.  I am not sure why, but I do find it particularly challenging expressing emotions in a creative way like this.  I have tried to gather words that evoke the emotion to help me but they may have drawn me away from the focus on colour a little too much.

Sad = low, dark, depressed, blue, rain, trapped, grey.

Happy = sunshine, yellow, orange, glowing, calm, pretty.

Bright = fun, colourful, bold, shiny, sparkling, illuminated, primary colours and variations.

Dull = grey, boring, matt, repetitive, same, subdued.

Active = busy, movement, bright, contrast, lively, reds, blues and oranges.

Passive = autumn, muted, soft, background, mauves, browns.

I had a break after this part of the exercise and came back to it some days later.  I was still lacking inspiration and asked my older daughter for her input.  She suggested looking at magazines and cutting out images that gave the right feelings so I have added those to my interpretations of two more pairs of evocative words.

Angry = red and orange signifying the heat of anger, black and grey echoing the destructive power of the emotion.  I think there should have been more darker hues but I wasn’t angry enough when I was producing this so it didn’t come out as strong as it could have.

Calm = blues, greens, mauves, pinks in soft tones and natural forms.

Boring = similar depth of colour, not very bold and pale, greys, muddy colours, lacking definition.  Perhaps this was a bit similar to dull from earlier on.

Exciting = passion, movement, bold colours, patterns and shapes, hot orange and red and the complementary turquoise and green.


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