Textile Techniques Videos


I have found I am a visual learner and I really like to be able to see someone do, rather than just talk so I was browsing the web looking for videos on textile techniques.  Almost straight away I came across a bunch of videos on the Colouricious channel on Youtube.  They seem to have a blog and sell longer DVDs on textile techniques, but I love these short films as they are just enough to get you started off on a particular project.

The image shows a textile made using sweet papers bonded onto a backing and then block printed and machine stitched.  The bright colours from the plastic films are really zingy.

I particularly liked the idea of a serendipity cloth.  This is dyeing fabric using the leftover fabric paints that you would otherwise wash down the sink when cleaning your equipment.  So the artist showed us how she would just randomly wipe her printing block off with the damp fabric, or clean off a sponge that is covered in paint by dabbing it over the fabric.  This fabric would then be fixed in the normal way with heat and could be used as a background to more printing or other textile embellishment – a great and thrifty idea.


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