Laura Ellen Bacon – Exposed


I found this video on the Art Daily webpages, only because OCA sent a link to cats drawing on iPads that was broken and I started poking around.  Anyway, I scrolled down and was intrigued by the initial image of bundles of willow.  Laura Ellen Bacon is an artist who works with willow to produce large scuptural forms.

I have had a go at willow sculpture at a couple of workshop classes and really appreciate the skill that goes in to working with the material.  The installations in this video are beautiful natural shapes that the artist says were inspired originally by birds nests being built into other structures.   I love how woven willow is a form of textile and that you can build very large, strong structures with what may initially look like a spindly bit of twig.  It is not far from where we live to the Somerset levels, a historical centre for willow farming and the basket making industry.  There is a heritage centre at  P H Coate & Son at Stoke St Gregory that I want to visit soon.  A also want to try and grow some willow withies to build a living willow arbour or shelter in the garden.


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