Project 3 – Review


– Were you able to mix and match colours accurately?

I found this part of the project relatively easy in that I was able to mix colours to get what I needed and I managed to produce a good match for colours in my source material.  I especially enjoyed experimenting with producing greys from mixing the complementary colours through the colour circle.

– Were you able to use colour expressively?

Initially I found associating colours with mood and feelings difficult.  I think it clicked in the end but I found I was using very simple ways to express the themes.  For example, red for anger and passion, greys and blues for sadness, etc.  Perhaps this will develop on further exploration.

– Can you now see colour rather than accepting what you think you see?

Having done the exercises I find I am able to see the detail and ranges of colours better than I had before.  It is easy to assume you are looking at a particular familiar item and therefore assign it a colour but on looking closer the variation of tones and shades are apparent and I just have to practice using this technique for it to become second nature.

– Did you prefer working with watercolours or gouache paints?  What was the difference?

I used acrylics  for some of the colour experiments which seemed to be the easiest to work with and they cover well when used undilute so you are able to get a more uniform result when mixing.  I got good results using it diluted as well.  I used gouache for one of my colour wheels and some mixing experiments which worked quite well and ended up using it for the matching exercises since I had a larger variety of colours to choose from than any other medium.

– How successful were the colour exercises in Stage 5? How did they compare to the painting exercises?

I enjoyed the stitching exercises but find them extremely time consuming and this led to me becoming demotivated, unfortunately.  I think I was successful in producing a variety of samples showing how the different spacing and thickness of thread affects the interplay between the colours.

– Is there anything you would like to change or develop?

If I were to do the stitches work again I would like to attempt to produce the samples on a much larger scale, for instance, using a rag rug-style fabric strip crocheted through a loose weave or couching several strands of knitting yarn for a thicker, more textural result.

I enjoyed stitching with french knots but I found it very hard not to make them very close to each other.  This meant it took a long time to produce a small amount of work, again, de-motivating.  Perhaps I am too impatient.

I did find the exercises using a small coloured square on a larger coloured square hard to interpret but I think I managed it.


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