Project 4 – Stage 4 Developing design ideas


I chose 4 drawings from my sketchbook that I felt would be good to develop further.

Drawing 1

I produced this image in oil pastels using a Steve Lovi photograph in The Kafe Fassett Diary 1989.  I had kept the diary because I loved the richness of this designer’s work and bought a number of his books back then.  A brick wall painted in bright colours was used to complement two knitted jackets in Fassett’s “Houses” design.

I produced this sketch using soft pastels which gave a similar bold design.

This version was produced using a collage of bricks cut from plastic food packaging and glued on to a black paper background.  Again, you get a bold result with blocks of solid colour.

I drew this sketch with a fibre tipped drawing pen and like the simple outline effect.

I thought the orginal oil pastel version would be an ideal candidate for trying out some of the effects available on some simple image editing software. is freeware that is relatively easy to use – ideal for me!  I had lots of fun trying out the different effects.  I especially like how the embossed image looks just like a brick wall painted white (or grey in this instance)!

Drawing 2

I made this next quick sketch of a blue and white Delftware plate in the small collection at the Victoria Art Gallery whilst idling a couple of hours in Bath waiting to pick up my daughter after a birthday party.  I am quite pleased that my sketch was detailed enough to remind me of the quirky, naive designs that had been painted on to this large dish that was in a glass case (“no photography”) crammed in amongst many more treasures.  A dish in a similar design is here.

I focused on some of the motifs from the original sketch and as I doodled some of them seemed to take on a life of their own – where did the eyes come from?

I used a fibre tip drawing pen, which I enjoy using, for some of the doodles.  The central motif was made using oil pastels, building up layers and then scratching through with a kebab stick, both the blunt and sharp ends.

Drawing 3

I thought it would be interesting to use some of the elements from this next page of “happy” sketches and manipulate them digitally using image editing software again.

The collection of coloured areas already look like a series of tiles.  I took one of the images, flipped and repeated it.

I really like the way this has turned out and can see that it would be a fantastic starting point for a printed design.

For these images I started with two of the “happy” sketches and two from my “sad” collection for contrast. I haven’t quite worked out how to get rid of the white between the squares, I just need to fiddle about with the software and get to know it a bit more.

This time I took the centre section and “inverted” the colours.

Then I took another section from the centre and inverted the colours back.

I then tiled the design to look at the repeat.

And the result looks a bit like a patchwork quilt design.  A good starting point.

Drawing 4

It is interesting how similar the colours are in this next drawing to the results from my experiments above.

This drawing was a development from an image I used earlier in this Project to produce the final stitched colour mix sample.  Some of the shapes look like monster faces and I can see more eyes the longer I look at it!

For this interpretation I used a collage of wallpapers and some oil pastels over the background.


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