Project 6 – Manipulating fabric – Stage 1 Preparation


The course notes for this part advise laying out my fabric samples and organising them into colour groups.  The notes also say to cut a sample from each and pin them to my pinboard.  I have too much fabric to do this.  I have spent some time sorting out what I have and this amounts to a wall full of shelves stacked with old curtains, clothing, sheets and upholstery sample books; drawers full of smaller bundles of fabric and boxes containing smaller (but I think useful) scraps and trimmings:

The sheer quantity means I couldn’t possibly start cutting out samples and pinning them to a board.  I have therefore decided to move on to the next stage and go straight to looking at my sketchbook for some images to develop.


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  1. You have even more fabric than me! I too have curtains, hand-me-down fabric, random charity shop purchases and bundles of scraps – glad to see other students are being realistic when it comes to these ‘preparation’ stages!

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