Project 6 – Stage 2 Developing Ideas – part 2


I have been looking at my development work and putting together fabrics to match to the images.

The first collage was made using one of the wood pile sketches for inspiration.

There is texture in the pencil colouring where I have shaded one way and then the other with different coloured pencils.  I found a woven checked silk dupion and a striped cotton fabric that seem to capture this quite well.  The pale yellow sheer organdie softens the brighter colours and the yellow muslin makes an interesting pattern when placed over the striped cotton where the open weave is more visible.  These colours are all sunny and uplifting – a positive and calm energy.

I like the way this collage captures some of the layers in the original image, although the colours don’t quite match but the balance is good.  I have used some shot organza, two pieces layed across the base fabrics oriented so that you can see the effect given by the differently coloured warp and weft in the same fabric when they are oriented each way.  This is a warm composition and echoes quite well the firey clouds of the original image.  Although I think the collage does not reflect the movement and anger in the computer generated image, the frayed red satin gives some contrast.  Perhaps I should have cut the fabric into thinner strips but I still would not have been able to capture the curves with this simple arrangement.

Here I have used some old, slightly decayed silk chiffon which makes a good background for the slightly creased silk dupion strips I have laid over the top.  You can see shaded stripes in the background fabric that are a good match for the brown wash in the original image.  I like this composition – it is calm and soft.  It would be easy to give it a little lift with some embellishment with stitches or applied sequins or beads.

Here I have used the original sketch from the wood shed where the colours were reversed.  I have always liked this bold royal blue shade and have tried to replicate that with the collage fabrics.  The fabric on the left is some I have had for a long time – a cotton with a substantial amount of lycra giving it stretch and, since it was washed, a little wrinkle giving texture.  The frayed edge is fun too.  On the right I crushed a scrap of rayon dress lining fabric in my hand and then quickly pressed it with a steam iron to capture the creases.  Below that is a piece of lightweight polyester cotton striped fabric where I have pulled a few threads against the stripe to see if this would make for a more interesting effect.  It worked quite well but the threads are so small I nearly needed tweezers and they kept breaking.  Better to do this with a more substantial fabric.  Over the top I have laid some more muslin in a bold blue, again with the threads pulled out to give a checked effect.  This collage is a little too monochromatic for me – cold in colour and chilly in mood too.

This fabric collage uses the organic flower paper collage for a starting point.  I think the colour matching in this collage is good but the proportions could be better.    Perhaps I should have cut smaller strips of fabric to echo the stripes on the wallpaper.  Also, I was not able to work out a simple way to distress the fabric to give the impression of the texture on the flower shapes.  Layering the white organza over the various strips gives the impression of a more muted colour which works well.  This collage is quite lively, with the reds and patterns.  I don’t find it agressive, more warm perhaps.  There is a lot of contrast with the plain coloured regular stripes and the textured curvy flowers on the original paper collage.  The contrast comes across a little less in the collage but there is still texture in the prints and weaves of the fabrics.

This image with magenta and turquoise flowers was developed from the lamp array sketch.  There is a lot of white in the background and I felt this should be evident in the collage.  I have kept the geometrical coloured shapes well apart from each other to gain this effect.  The slightly frayed and pinked edges soften the simple triangle shapes a little but also echo the spiky edged effect of the flower petals.  The original image is very lively and full of movement.  The collage does not quite show the busy-ness of the source image but the colour matching is good and the proportion is not bad.  I think the collage is slightly calmer than the source image but still feels lively, colourful and quite positive in mood.


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