Project 7 Your theme book – images of gates and doors


I have an idea for my final assignment and I have been thinking a lot about researching images and where to look for useful inspiration.  I took a couple of photos on my way to work this morning.  I have been driving past these gates for over a year now and I think it was the field gate in the first image that was the initial idea that got me on to my theme.  It has an interesting design in the panels made up by the geometric placing of the cross pieces and I had not seen one like it before.  This morning was bright and crisp and the light was fabulous for taking photos but I was facing the wrong way for a really good shot.

metal field gate, West Compton

wooden field gate, West Compton

Just now I was browsing on Etsy and a gorgeous photograph of a door popped up on the suggestions feed.  I love the photos of rustic doors Etsy seller Glennis Siverson has got for sale here.

I enjoy the regular shapes, and shapes within shapes, you get with field gates.  The panels remind me directly of the geometric designs of patchwork, like log cabin and nine patch blocks.  These patterns, with different areas delineated by the structural elements of the gates themselves, seem to offer themselves to textile design.  The hard manmade structure of the gate against the softness of the natural landscape beyond is also full of possibilities …

More images from my environment:

2013-01-03 14.12.51

lych gate at the burial ground, Evercreech

2013-01-03 14.14.43

simple, beautifully wrought kissing gate, Evercreech


stile, Evercreech

snow garden

one of my garden gates

Hobbit House

front door, Evercreech

Gate Kilver 2Gate Kilver 1

two iron gates, Kilver Court

Field gate 2Field gate 1

more metal field gates


chapel annexe, Evercreech


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