Part 4 – Textile Structures – Analysing colour, texture and proportion


The image I have chosen for this exercise is a homes and gardens magazine clipping I kept from years back that caught my eye mainly because of the colours and the vintagey gardenalia. (Click on the photos for a bigger image.)

Part 4 image part 4 colour analysis

To reproduce the colours in the original image as small patches of colour I have used oil pastels.  This was definitely a good daylight exercise, as was the yarn wrapping.  For the yarn wrap I have used a mixture of woollen knitting and tapestry yarn, natural and synthetic rafia, cotton tape and ribbon, fancy gift wrapping woven ribbon, cotton and acrylic knitting yarns.  I think I did quite well matching the yarns for colour but when it came to texture this was a little more difficult.  I like the effect given by a two ply terracotta and beige yarn I found and I mixed this with a darker orange yarn that varied in thickness which worked well to reproduce the idea of the old, peeled painted bricks on the wall.  I also like the way the dark green cotton tape with it’s herringbone twill weave works well to give some depth to imitate the ivy leaves and shadows up the wall.

3rd wrap

For the second wrap my original image is a colourfully printed brown paper bag that I have kept because it looks so jolly and retro.  I have used more knitting and some specially space dyed velour art yarn for this wrap where I first covered the whole card with the beige wool so that the lines would give the impression of the lines on the paper bag base which look like a watermark.  The slubby purple yarn is quite good for showing the curves of the grapes and one of the art yarns (a handspun, handpainted merino blend called Festive from Maine Woods Yarn – had pretty much all of the colours in already but that would have been cheating!  This photo is a bit blurry as I was nearly out of daylight again – roll on the summer …

2nd wrap

For the third wrap I used a photograph of plants in my parent’s garden that I must have taken many years ago.  I love the pop of colour the nasturtiums make against the green and white of the big leaved plant.  Again I have used a mixture of yarns and to give more texture to the green and white area I have overlaid that area of the wrap with a portion of plastic net from a pack of garlic.


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