Project 8 – Yarns – Stage 1 Exploring the qualities of yarns


DSC_0001I spent a good deal of time – probably should have been doing more coursework – on tidying and sorting my collection of yarns.  Actually this was a very useful exercise because it meant everything was to hand for the next stage of the project and, even though I still can’t move around my workroom easily for plastic crates full of stuff, I do feel like I have made a bit more sense of the general chaos in here.

I have found some lovely hand spun and dyed art yarns I had forgotten about and all sorts of little bits of silk and other luxury fibres that my mother passed on to me when she realised that they would be useful for my studies.  I have also hoarded bits of string, rafia, paper string and cord handles from fancy paper bags, along with old tights, vegetable and fruit nets and wire from old calendars.  I am looking forward to using them in some of the exercises in this project.

One of the books on the course list for this section is The Yarn Book by Penny Walsh.  I found this a very useful, well organised and simply explained handbook on all you might want to know about the history and production of yarn and fabric.  There are plenty of diagrams and colour photos and a handy glossary of fabrics at the back.  Well recommended.


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