Project 10 A design project – Stage 2 – liminality


I found an interesting blog post from Studio Inscape here on the concept of “liminality”, a term I have not come across before.   From the Latin limen, defines liminality as 1. “relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process”  and 2. “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold” which links in to my theme of entrance.

Developing on the concept I had for my final project piece using memories and images of my grandparent’s home, I can see how my feelings as a child growing up in this secure and caring family home matured subtly over time as a I became an adult and the dynamics of the family group changed as the older members passed away and my own children arrived.  This was a coming of age rite of passage that everyone must experience in some form.


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    • Thanks Alison, you too! It’s interesting how the thought processes lead you down certain avenues. I started with the word “entrance” and I seem to have travelled down this family avenue. Also, I loved your post about “Aliki”, partly because I remember the style of her illustrations from my own childhood reading and partly because I enjoy hearing about the Greek diaspora being half Greek myself. Best wishes, K

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