Project 10 A design project – Stage 2 – techniques


The textile artist Miranda van Dijk uses an image transfer technique to make her exquisite Puur Anders collection of jewellery inspired by nature and memories.

Puur Anders jewellery

I like the idea of using images that inspire memories.  I have photos of my grandparents’ home and my grandparents themselves and would like to feature these somehow in the final piece.  I need to find a way to transfer larger images or break the process down into manageable parts.  At the moment I am still looking at producing a large hanging work, like the noren door curtains I have posted about earlier.

I am concerned that I must make sure to incorporate enough in the way of techniques that were sampled earlier in the course so that I am able to demonstrate the learning process but I must be careful not to overload the final piece with “bits and bobs” just for the sake of it.  Often, keeping things simple is much more effective.


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  1. Hi V, yes, I had a go and it works well with my inket printer I got from Freecycle but I am trying to work out how I might do something on a larger scale than A4. My final project looks like it might be about 2 x 1.5 metres. I dread to think what the ink might cost even if I did break it up into A4 sized chunks! x

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