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Andrea Brena


Andrea Brena popped up on my Facebook feed via Upcycled.  Check out the Knitted Army.


Alison Mercer – Fibre Artist


This image was on my Facebook page this evening, posted by Yarnbomb Consortium:

This intrigued me so I googled Alison Mercer and found the artist’s website.  Lots to take in here and I want to find out more.



I found this amazing photograph on another WordPress blog:  There are lots of fantastic photographs on this blog so I shall make sure I keep checking back.

Photographs for Inspiration


I had a look around for texture the other day and found these:

I think I shall go for a walk later and see what else I can find to inspire …

Crochet Chaos


Earlier this year I attended a study day in Bristol run by the West of England Costume Society.  The theme of the day was “Knitting Yarns Unravelled” and included a talk by a Dr Jo Turney of  Bath Spa University.  She mentioned crochet chaos and at the time I made a note but did not research the reference.  Today I had a look and found that it referred to a project by scientists at Bristol University’s engineering mathematics department.  The Lorenz equations describe chaotic systems such as the weather or a turbulent river and the work was part of the development of a computer model to describe complex surfaces.  You can view a video of the result here.

via chaotic.jpg (JPEG Image, 128×128 pixels).

Traditional Greek Costume


Traditional Greek Costume | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

As a child I was given several dolls dressed in traditional Greek national costume.  Again the colours are vibrant, lots of red and incorporating detailed embroidery.  I remember a series of Greek costume themed stamps came out in the 70s and visiting the Benaki Folk Museum in Athens several times.  I really wanted an outfit of my own, but I expect my family thought I would grow out of it too quickly when I was little.  I should make my own, even though it is too late to make it for my dowry!